MSU's Department of Health and Human Development has reorganized into three departments.

We will be transitioning over the next year to move students, programs, and courses into their respective departments, as noted below:

Graduate-level options

  • Addiction Counseling certificate
  • Counseling
    • Clinical Mental Health
    • Marriage, Couples, & Family
  • Mental Health Support certificate
  • School Counseling

Undergraduate-level options

  • Food and Nutrition
    • Dietetics
    • Nutrition Science
  • Health Enhancement K-12
  • Hospitality Management
  • Kinesiology
    • Exercise Science
    • Health and Fitness
  • Sustainable Foods & Bioenergy Systems

Graduate-level options

  • Exercise & Nutrition Sciences master's and doctorate programs
  • Sustainable Food Systems

Undergraduate options

  • Community Health
  • Early Childhood Education P-3
  • Human Development & Family Science
    • Child Development
    • Family & Consumer Sciences Education
    • Family & Consumer Sciences Teaching minor
    • Gerontology certificate
    • Human Development & Family Science
    • Human Development minor
    • Personal & Consumer Finance minor
  • LIFE Scholars

Graduate-level options

  • Family & Consumer Sciences Education
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Human Development & Family Science
  • Indigenous & Rural Health doctorate

The faculty and staff of these three departments believe that five domains are integrated in the fabric of human well-being:

  • social
  • intellectual
  • physical
  • economic/financial
  • emotional/spiritual

We hold central the belief that well-being applies to families, groups, individuals, organizations, and communities.

The Departments of Counseling, Food Systems, Nutrition, and Kinesiology, and Human Development and Community Health are a group of dedicated faculty and staff whose diverse interests focus on well-being from early childhood through gifted performers and on to mature adults; by teaching, research, or service programs; in the public and private sectors.


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