Dr.David Claudio

Dr. David Claudio


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Dr. David Claudio is an Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Montana State University. He has been the mentor for the MSU IISE student chapter since 2011. Dr. Claudio obtained his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. He worked with General Electric as part of their Operational Management Leadership Program (OMLP). He then obtained his M.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, located in Troy, NY, and his Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He is also a Professional Engineer (PE) and is certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from The Association for Operations Management (also known as APICS). His research interests include Human Factors, Service Systems, Healthcare Engineering, and Decision Making.

He has been awarded IISE Global and IISE Regional Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award for the year 2016-2017 and 2020-2021 Academic Advising Award.


Mikayla Bronec_IISE President

Mikayla Bronec


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I am currently a senior majoring in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering and pursuing the IMSE Accelerated Master Program with a focus in data analytics. I am extremely lucky to say I was born and raised in Montana. I grew up being able to explore the state my entire life and enjoy Montana’s great beauty. In my free time, I enjoy spending time at Seeley Lake, going on hikes with my dog, reading, and being involved in community clubs. My experiences growing up in Montana lead me to want to choose a career where I could have a powerful impact on society.

I believe IMSE students have an incredibly unique set of skills that can help us solve many global issues. I am extremely passionate about improving systems sustainably that humans interact with daily. I feel through the IMSE skills set I’ll be able to combine both of these passions to create beneficial improvements in society and industry.

IISE is a community for everyone interested in learning about the powerful industry of Industrial Engineering and furthering your IMSE skillset. As president, my goal is to further this mission and connect with future and current IISE members. Being a part of IISE can help you meet industry professionals, build leadership skills, explore industries, and create a lifelong community.


Trevor Mork_IISE Vice President

Trevor Mork

Vice President


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I am a double major of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering and Photography with minors of Mathematics and Writing/Rhetoric. As a Montanan, I have a deep connection with the land and waters. I have four generations of agriculture before me, passion for hiking, photography, and bicycling that all come together with my love for music, languages, and books. I am an U.S. Navy Veteran and had served as an Arabic and Somali linguist/translator. Following my service, I had travelled (and bicycled) over 16 countries and volunteered in Germany, Turkey, India, and Nepal. In Germany, I worked with teams to develop digital translation platforms for Syrian migrants during the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War and continued that work in Turkey. I volunteered my energy to help rebuild Nepal following the 2015 Earthquake. In India, I was able to use my agricultural experience and passion for renewable energies on a canal project in Rajasthan. Bringing all of those together, my hopes are to learn about the possibilities in Industrial & Management Systems Engineering to make the world a more sustainable, balanced, and better place for all.


Brittain Schneider_IISE Communications Officer

Brittain Schneider

Communications Officer


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I am a senior in the IMSE program and looking to pursue the Accelerated Masters with my focus on Management Systems. I hail from Lake Oswego, Oregon but lived in eastern Asia for about a fourth of my life. I honorably served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2013 -2017 as a Heavy Equipment Operator. In my service, I worked for two years abroad in Japan and two in southern California.

If you want to find me, you may want to try looking at the local golf course or behind a computer looking at different ways to analyze data. I am an easy-going guy who will always enjoy a good conversation about leadership, management, innovation, ethics, or any recent technological advancements.

My goal as the Communications Officer is to bridge the gap between school and the world. I want to show students that what they learn in the classroom is applicable to the world and how. In addition, I want to show the world that IISE students are more than capable of tackling issues around the globe. With the help of social media and networking, I hope to improve our connections with our community and facilitate our ability to apply our past experiences to our future goals.


Tiga Ward_IISE Secretary

Tiga Ward 




Orrin Clark_IISE Events Coordinator

Orrin Clark

Events Coordinator


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I grew up in Bozeman with close connections to the MSU campus. After I graduated high school, I left Bozeman and served as a missionary in South America for two years helping people and being helped by the people. My heart goes out to Argentina, all the families that invited me into their homes, and that one guy who tried to take my watch. I returned home March of 2020 to a brave new world and began school in Fall of 2020 for Industrial & Management Systems Engineering. I enjoy my major as I am learning how to break down/understand/analyze/dissect/investigate complex systems and think critically about the world.

I am not only involved in IISE, but I am an active member of Engineers Without Borders and the United Nations Association here at MSU. I also took the chance to be involved in the First Year Research Experience program, which opened an opportunity to work with my department to develop research skills at the start of my undergraduate degree.

When I graduate from Montana State, I hope to give back to the world and the next generation by providing a pair of shoulders to stand on. I see that MSU IISE is a way for me to gain and share knowledge with others to be able to create lasting positive change.

I have the capacity to geek out, mostly about literature, art, math, music, and traditionally nerdy things, but I am at a loss when discussing sports. I am into outdoorsy things, like running, ice climbing, skiing, and adventuring in general.


Lauryn Yuzeitis_IISE Recruitment Coordinator

Lauryn Yuzeitis

Recruitment Coordinator