LRES 593 - Grand Challenges in Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Foundational course designed as a requirement for all incoming Ecology and Environmental Science (EES) PhD students. The course will have three focal areas including: 1) graduate student professional development, 2) grand challenges in Ecology and Environmental Science, and 3) a field trip to a Montana ecosystem (e.g. Greater Yellowstone, Central Prairie or Crown of the Continent Ecosystem) to immerse the students in observation and discussion of grand challenges associated with these ecosystems. 


Fellowship Programs

Yellowstone Doctoral Scholar Fellowships 

The mission of the MSU IoE is to facilitate, produce, assimilate, and share science-based knowledge, addressing interdisciplinary environmental challenges, including the Yellowstone region. The Yellowstone Doctoral Scholar Fellowships program was created to support to graduate research that uses environmental science or technology to increase our understanding of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, its physical and biological complexity, as well as the socio-environmental challenges facing the region. Learn about our 2023-2024 Yellowstone Doctoral Scholar Recipients here.