The IT Council has been replaced by the IT Information Exchange. Visit the IT Community site for more information.


IT Governance is responsible for overseeing information technology investments to assure alignment with strategic direction, to maximize value, minimize risk, and provide transparency to constituents. In its advisory role to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the IT Council represents information technology needs to enable the learning, discovery, and engagement mission of Montana State University in Bozeman. The IT Council also advises the Executive Bozeman IT Council on Bozeman's needs for enterprise-wide prioritization of all four campuses.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Learn about emerging technologies and opportunities to promote the strategic objectives of the institution.
  • Solicit, hear, and learn about the strategic objectives of constituencies.
  • Evaluate and prioritize proposed IT solutions to meet strategic objectives, especially those that compete for limited resources.
  • Resolve and prioritize competing demands for limited resources within the Bozeman campus.
  • Represent prioritized needs to the CIO and the Executive Bozeman IT Council.
  • Communicate and positively represent prioritization decisions and rationales to constituencies.


The Bozeman IT Council is made up of IT staff from various departments and units on the MSU Bozeman campus.