As of June 2012, the project is on schedule for the first 9 months of the four years with no impediments. Most activites focus on planning and design, however we will have tangible preliminary aspects produced very soon.
  • The study approach has been refined through a series of conference calls and webinars among collaborators. Key collaborators have been identified, contacted and engaged.
  • Supported by the Montana State University Institute on Ecosystems, the LCC made significant progress on developing a strategic conservation framework. A workshop was held February 22 and 23 workshop to complete recommendations on the framework. The framework process was reviewed and completed during a steering committee meeting May 14 and 15. The framework clearly establishes the top conservation priorities for the Great Northern LCC.
  • Products for hindcasting and forecasting that are consistent with the suite of physical, chemical and biological indicators that the NPS I&M has identified are being developed and near completion. These include SERGoM and TOPS data
  • Ecosystem modeling is currently being undertaken, with initial exand initial for Whitebark Pine in the GNLCC