Once your local manufacturer has registered their Manufacturing Day event and you want to help them spread the word, you can engage your local community in MFG Day by using traditional, and social, media to amplify your partner's event and reach more people. Below are tips to help make the day a success using social media and other resources.  (See the MMEC MFG Day website for more info and resources for planning or partnering on a MFG Day event.)

Social Media

Social media is an excellent resource for your local manufacturer's MFG Day event. By sharing their event on social media platforms, tagging attendees and posting photos, you can help them maximize their reach.

For updates and announcements before, during, and after Manufacturing Day, follow MFG Day on these pages.

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  • Visit MFG DAY official social media pages (see icons above)
  • "Like" them as your business page
  • Use @MfgDay in Facebook and Twitter posts so that the MFG DAY audience of almost 10,000 will be more likely to see your content.
  • Use @mfginmt as well to specifically reach participants in Montana
  • Post consistently using the official hashtag #MFGDay20.
  • Like and share MMEC's (@mfginmt) MFG Day social media posts

Below are examples of posts you can use to promote your partner's event and make your day a success!  Don't miss the example graphics we've provided at the bottom of this page, as well! There are downloadable graphics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and PinterestWould you like to create your own? Email us and see how you can customize the graphics

 4 Weeks Before the Event:

“SAVE THE DATE: October 2nd is #MFGDay20. Montana manufacturing includes 3,372 establishments and 23,900 employees!! That is no small thing! [Tag your Manufacturer]  wants to show you what modern manufacturing in Montana looks like in 2020. Check out their facility on [insert date] to see how [company’s product]  are made! 

This year for #MFGDay20 we are partnering with [TAG GROUPS] to highlight the highly skilled jobs available in the manufacturing industry. Join an event: https://www.creatorswanted.org/find-events/

2 Weeks Before the Event:

“Montana manufacturers are still busy designing, cutting, sewing, measuring, welding, mixing, melting, and bottling...... they are just doing it a little differently thanks to COVID-19. In celebration of #MFGDay20[Tag your manufacturer] wants to show you how and what they have produced over the last few months. Join them for their [insert "live tour," "drive by," "virtual event," etc.] on [insert date]. They can't wait to show you their innovation and creativity."


[Tag your manufacturer] is ready for #MFGDay20 and excited to showcase [insert their product] manufacturing in action! They can’t wait to show you what they do [tag school or official coming to the event].”

1 Week Before the Event:

“From 2017-2018, Montana manufacturing earnings increased $39.3 million for the Montana economy! Your talents and education are needed to keep it going. The final countdown to #MFGDay20 begins. [Tag your manufacturer] is ready to build your future.” [Include picture of facility]

Day of the Event

“Happy MFG Day! Today [Tag your Manufacturer] is [bringing their factory to your home; OR is ready to see you in your favorite mask for a live tour] to showcase the manufacturing industry in 2020. #MFGDay20



We are hooked on manufacturing and proud to support #MFGDay20 today. Manufacturers need highly skilled workers ready to innovate and advance our industry. Thanks to all the students, educators, and community members who joined up today.” [TAG GROUPS]


Education Outreach

Do you have a champion in your local school that is guiding students to your partner’s event?  Getting the word out to educators and students is key.  Work with your local districts to find out the process for inviting schools to your partner’s event, be it online or in person.

Other Resources

MFG Day Logos

Montana-specific MFGDay graphics to post on your social media

Toolkit for hosting an MFG Day event

Montana Manufacturing Extension Center - Contact MMEC

Sample Graphics

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Manufacturing is-

Manufactring outputs put Montana over the top


Montana Manufacturing makes up 6.29% of Montana's total output bringing the total output from manufacturing to $3.08 billion in 2018.
Montana Manufacturing employees are making real money


Montana manufacturing is employing 4.29% of the workforce.  $50,938.76 was the average annual compensation in 2017.
Montana Manufacturing is growing in new industries


Montana manufacturing jobs are growing in the pharmaceutical & medicine, motor vehicle parts, and medical equipment & supplies sectors.

Montana manufacturing is creating a brighter future


Montana manufacturing is building a brighter future. They are looking for the leaders and thinkers to make it shine.

1.21 billion dollars in manufactured goods exported in 2018


Montana manufacturing is helping Montana's economy by exporting $1.21 Billion in manufactured goods in 2018.

.73 Billion dollars in exports went to free trade agreement partners in 2018


Montana manufacturing is helping Montana's economy by exporting $0.73 billion to Free Trade Agreement partners in 2018.

23.5% of manufacturing employment stemmed from exports in 2011


Montana manufacturing is helping Montana's economy by putting 23.5% of their workforce toward exports in 2011.

small businesses comprised 84% of all exporters in Montana

Staying Open

Montana manufacturing is helping Montana's economy by being part of the small businesses that make up 84% of all exporters in Montana.

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Download the MFG Day Messaging Guide for Partners as a .pdf