You know your business. MMEC knows manufacturing.
Together, we can create solutions that help you and your business succeed.

Our home office staff at Montana State University in Bozeman and our field staff throughout the state are ready to meet with you, discuss your business needs, draft solutions and see them through to completion.

How We Work With You

Personalized Service

MMEC's experts have a range of expertise they can tailor to your operation. When you contact us, we take time to understand your business and your goals.

Site Visit & Discussion

Meeting face-to-face at your business can help us identify potential solutions and strategies. When you're ready, MMEC develops a proposal specifying services, a timeline and costs to fit your budget.

Agreement + Work Begins

We help you and your team implement the proposed solutions that you choose, treating all exchanges confidentially.

Performance Evaluation

MMEC helps see projects through to completion and identify areas for further improvement. We can help you measure success periodically through independent surveys and other tools.

How We Can Help

We can help you achieve your business objectives, set priorities and allocate resources. Our services include break even cost analysis, capacity planning, equipment justification, financial modeling, make/buy analysis, product costing and cost modeling.

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We can help you find and use effective business management tools to safeguard your critical data and systems.. Our services include risk assessment, plan development, staff education, and compliance.

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The equipment you use and how it's organized is central to how your business operates. We can help with plant layout analysis, expansion planning, equipment upgrades and automation.

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With a three-state partnership launched in 2019, we help food manufacturers meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act and solve other food manufacturing and safety challenges.

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Let us help you identify and prioritize objectives that will strengthen your top line growth and improve your team development in a planned, actionable way.

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We can work with you to map out your manufacturing processes and identify opportunities for reducing non-value added activity, then make a long-term plan for continuous improvement.

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We can help you develop strategies for reaching new customers, value your product and find new distribution channels.

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Let us help you become more operationally agile and customer focused, attract new customers and retain existing customers in a highly competitive market by enhancing your quality systems. We can help with your objective of becoming compliant with or certified to international quality standards.

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Do you have key supplies that are difficult to source?  Are you looking to diversify your supply chain (or even your product lines) to improve your resilience?  In addition to our internal expertise, MMEC has access to a national network of manufacturers and supply chain specialists.    Contact us to learn more about the MEP National Network Supplier Scouting Program and other supply chain services.

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We can provide customized training for you and your workforce. We are well-known for our Lean manufacturing trainings and Strategic Growth Planning, but we do much more.

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Ready To Get Started?

Contactthe MMEC Business Advisor for your region, call our home office at 406-994-3812,
or submit a question or request through our Contact Us page.