If your supply chain has been impacted by COVID-19, if you are researching new product lines, or if you are interested in reshoring your existing supply chain, you may be facing challenges sourcing certain items domestically.

You may also have capabilities and capacity to provide products to other manufacturers looking to source domestically.

The MEP National Network is leading a new effort to offer Supplier Scouting, a formal process to connect U.S. companies to domestic manufacturers that can meet specific supply chain needs. The program leverages the knowledge and connections of MEP manufacturing experts in every state. 

Locating Difficult-to-Source Needs

MMEC, working with the larger MEP National Network, can support your vendor, materials or technical search by identifying:

  • Technical and process capabilities.
  • Production capacities.
  • Ability to make products.
  • Manufacturers who can pivot production to critical supplies.

Domestic manufacturing capabilities and capacities can produce any item needed by our nation’s supply chains – if the needs of one company can be matched to the capabilities of another. The MEP National Network’s Supplier Scouting program provides a viable means by which U.S. manufacturing can produce critically needed items in the near term, as well as improve the strength and resiliency of small manufacturers for the long term. 

How to Get Started

Companies Seeking Suppliers:

  1. Contact one of our Business Advisors or the MMEC Home Office with information on the item you’re seeking to source. See this completed sample form as a reference for the information which will be required.
  2. Your information will be submitted to the MEP network to be distributed to potential suppliers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  3. If companies respond to your Supplier Scouting Opportunity, you will receive a report on potential supplier matches.

Companies Interested in Being Suppliers:

  1. Review the below current scouting opportunities from around the country and Puerto Rico.
  2. If there is an opportunity you are interested in responding to, provide your information using one of the following methods:
    1. Contact one of our Business Advisors directly
    2. Download, complete and send this Word Document to MMEC
  3. Your information will be submitted to NIST MEP to be delivered to the company seeking a supplier.

Current Supplier Scouting Opportunities

Disposable Consumer Health Care Product

Company searching for manufacturing partners to mass produce all or some parts of a patented and provisional
patented consumer product for use in controlled pill dispensing. The product will require injection molding, physical assembly, electronics assembly and possibly PCB cutting and etching.

Mention opportunity 2021-036
Posted 4/6/2021

N95 Mask Materials

A company is searching for a manufacturer to produce materials required to manufacturer N95 Masks. Two layers of Melt Blown fabric (Polypropylene) sandwiched between two layers of Spun Bond fabric (polypropylene) with Nose Bridge inserted through mask stamping machine, then headbands are attached and bagged. Contact us for the complete specification sheet.

Mention opportunity 2021-035
Updated 4/6/2021

Egg Allergen Powder

A manufacturer in PA is looking for contract manufacturer to mix chicken eggs into a homogenous liquid that is 5-25% solids. The end product is a methodology to early introduce eggs to infants and toddlers and prevent allergies and must meet all appropriate FDA requirements. 

Mention opportunity 2021-034
Updated 4/6/2021

Infant Allergen Powder

Company is looking for a contract food manufacturer / Toll Miller that can mill tree nuts and / or tree nut cakes into powder  The end product is an early introduction methodology of tree nuts and other allergens for infants and toddlers to prevent them from getting allergies to food. Manufacturer should be Safe Quality Food (SQF) level minimum 2, FDA compliant. 

Mention opportunity 2021-033
Updated 4/6/2021

Suppliers of Lanolin USP

A company is searching for a manufacturer to produce Lanolin wax in bulk quantities for use in a product that the company manufactures. The materials should be preferably United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade and some assurance testing may be needed to ensure acceptability of product.

Mention opportunity 2021-032
Updated 4/6/2021

Drive Roller

A company is searching for a manufacturer that can produce a paper drive roller for a financial printer. 10.5mm OD x 190mm long steel roller assembly with over molded EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) Required materials include a steel shaft, electro-less nickel plating, and black EPDM over molded.

Mention opportunity 2021-031
Updated 4/6/2021

Cooling Pump

A company is looking for someone who can manufacture a pump designed to cool breast milk as it enters a storage vessel. This company is seeking a Works-like prototype for testing prior to mass manufacturing. This product will be CNC Machined, then welded, then undergo grinding and finishing processes.

Mention opportunity 2021-030
Updated 4/6/2021

Aluminum Extruded Parts

Company seeking extruder partner to manufacture parts for aluminum fencing, rail, column and gate solutions. Material must meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for aluminum.

Mention opportunity 2021-029
Updated 4/6/2021

Beach Towels

A company is searching for a manufacturer that can produce beach towels with full printed sublimation front side. Also looking for fleece blankets with full printed sublimation front side. Towel and blanket are printed with a process called sublimation. Sublimation is a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat.

Mention opportunity 2021-028
Updated 4/6/2021

Plant Food

Plant-food company is looking to ramp up production. They are searching for a manufacturer that can produce plant food based on a recipe, measured amounts of the mixture ingredients are added to the blender in a specified sequence during gradual heating phase.  Due to the waxy consistency of the mixture, the blending is most effective at a specific temperature range, and appropriate stirring of the mixture prevents settling of some of the ingredients.  Proper temperature control is also important to maintain pour-ability, for filling 0.25 oz. glass bottles with the product.  Labels are attached to the bottles and cartons are prepared for shipping.

Mention opportunity 2021-027
Updated 4/6/2021

Chopped Brass Wire

 A company is searching for a manufacturer to produce 20 gauge brass wire chopped into pieces 0.2 inches long that will be used as filler injection molded parts. A smaller or larger gauge or length are okay. The potential business volume is about 100 lbs a year.

Mention opportunity 2021-026
Updated 4/6/2021

US-made Trigger Sprayers for 28/400 neck finish

Seeking a manufacturer to produce sprayers used on bottles that hold household chemical cleaners so the user can dispense the cleaners by spraying solution onto the surface. Trigger spray nozzles are made of multiple pieces of injection molded plastic. The individual parts are injection molded and then assembled along with the required spring. After manufacturing most of the sprayers are sealed in individual plastic bags prior to shipping to avoid contamination.  


Mention opportunity 2021-021

Updated 4/6/2021

Natural Chewing Gum

A company is seeking a manufacturer for Chicle-based chewing gum production. Ideally the product should be made in a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) facility, vegan, kosher, and organic if possible. Ideally production will start at 5 cents per piece of gum.


Mention opportunity 2020-039
Posted 4/6/2021

Metal Components for Lift Chairs

A company is searching for a US supplier for metal lift chair frame components to replace their current resource due to significant supply chain delays. Components produced by a matched manufacturer must be able to meet the previous
performance specifications. Contact us for detailed specs.


Mention Opportunity 2020-037

Updated 4/6/2021

Comez 609/B3 Knitting Machine

Company is looking for additional production capacity by acquiring a Comez 609/B3 high speed crochet knitting machine for the production of a wide range of elastic and non-elastic bands for end use in the production of PPE and traditional textiles.


Mention opportunity 2020-033
Posted 4/6/2021

Lotion Application Sponges

Company seeks a manufacturer to produce make-up sponges used to apply sunscreen. The material should be  Hydrophilic Polyurethane (latex-free). The company is open to material suggestions if a cosmetic company has a better solution for the product, but the polyurethane has fared well.  


Mention Opportunity 2020-018

Updated 4/6/2021

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