MMEC's Supplier Scouting services help Montana manufacturers improve the quality of their supply chains by helping to source components and materials, and by matching their products with sourcing requests from around the U.S.

We are part of NIST MEP’s Supply Chain Optimization and Intelligence Network (SCOIN), which seeks to build resiliency into American manufacturing by connecting supply chains across the country. Manufacturing Extension Partnerships in all 50 states and Puerto Rico share their clients' needs through the network, matching them with capable domestic suppliers. 

MMEC Supplier Scouting services are temporarily provided free of charge thanks to funding by the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act.   

Helping Montana Manufacturers Find What They Need

Manufacturers can use MMEC’s supplier scouting services to help find the American-sourced raw materials and original equipment they require. Scouting for supplies through SCOIN can help improve your operations by: 

  • Finding the products and materials you need to fill the gaps in your supply chain.
  • Seeking out lower-cost alternatives to what you already buy.
  • Creating redundancy so you can minimize how a single supplier’s problems affect your production.
  • Identifying domestic suppliers, supporting the U.S. economy and eliminating risks associated with international sourcing.

For more information, or to start your search,click this link to email Jeff Peterson, Supply Chain Program Manager, or click this link to identify and contact your regional Business Advisor. After that the process is simple:

  • Discuss your needs and how SCOIN can help.
  • Fill out a form describing essential details about what you seek. The form is available through this link.
  • Submit the scouting request to the national network.
After a designated length of time for the search, MMEC will aggregate responses and deliver them to you. Findings will include the names, capabilities, and contact information of companies (if any) that have the capability to produce or provide the materials/items you post.

Find Sales Opportunities through the National Network

Below is a continually updated list of supplier scouting requests from the NIST national Network. If you would like more information or to submit your company as a qualified supplier for one of these opportunities, follow this link to email Jeff Peterson. 

Current Supplier Scouting Opportunities

Epoxy Bottle-Cap Adaptor

A Nebraska company is looking for a company to prototype and manufacture an epoxy adaptor that fits the grooves of a bottle cap during automated final assembly of pharmaceutical end product manufacturing. 

Scouting #2024-074

Closes May 26

16oz Glass Water/Juice Bottles

An Alaska company seeks a blowmolder for 16 ounce glass bottles.

Scouting #2024-093

Closes May 31

Glass Fabrication

An Illinois company seeks a glass fabricator to produce curved/semi-circular silicate glass.

Scouting #2024-096

Closes May 31

Soda Lime Float Glass

A Delaware company seeks a manufacturer of soda lime float glass for use in windows.

Scouting #2024-085

Closes June 9

WAVY Partition

A Rhode Island company seeks a domestic manufacturer to make a flexible lightweight panel designed for privacy and acoustic applications.

Scouting #2024-100

Closes June 7

Shoe Insert

Another Rhode Island company is looking for a manufacturer to make polyurethane open or closed cell foam shoe inserts.

Scouting #2024-99

Closes June 7

Injection Molding for Speech Therapy Devices

A South Carolina manufacturer of speech therapy devices needs high-mix, low-volume injection molding and over molding services.

Scouting #2024-105

Closes June 14

Specific Profile of Aluminum Extrusion

A Washington company is looking for a manufacturer to extrude a specific aluminum channel.

Scouting #2024-107

Closes June 14


Government Agencies are Also Seeking Sources of the Following Items, in Compliance with the Build America, Buy America Act:

Scouting Number  Item Close Date
2024-1 Barometric Pressure Sensors & Telephone Modems 5/30/2024
2024-102 Conduit - Innerduct, 2" and 4" 06/05/2024
2024-103 Conduit - PVC Coupler - Coupling, 4" 06/05/2024
2024-104 Hardware - Anchor Rod and Cross Plate 06/05/2024
2024-098 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer 6/7/2024
2024-063 Solar Panels, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Electric Vehicles 3/7/2025
2024-029 Coils For Fan Coils 2/6/2025
2024-030 Fans For Fan Coils 2/6/2025