MMEC's Supplier Scouting services help Montana manufacturers improve the quality of their supply chains by helping to source components and materials, and by matching their products with sourcing requests from around the U.S.

We are part of NIST MEP’s Supply Chain Optimization and Intelligence Network (SCOIN), which seeks to build resiliency into American manufacturing by connecting supply chains across the country. Manufacturing Extension Partnerships in all 50 states and Puerto Rico share their clients' needs through the network, matching them with capable domestic suppliers. 

MMEC Supplier Scouting services are temporarily provided free of charge thanks to funding by the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act.   

Helping Montana Manufacturers Find What They Need

Manufacturers can use MMEC’s supplier scouting services to help find the American-sourced raw materials and original equipment they require. Scouting for supplies through SCOIN can help improve your operations by: 

  • Finding the products and materials you need to fill the gaps in your supply chain.
  • Seeking out lower-cost alternatives to what you already buy.
  • Creating redundancy so you can minimize how a single supplier’s problems affect your production.
  • Identifying domestic suppliers, supporting the U.S. economy and eliminating risks associated with international sourcing.

For more information, or to start your search,click this link to email Jeff Peterson, Supply Chain Program Manager, or click this link to identify and contact your regional Business Advisor. After that the process is simple:

  • Discuss your needs and how SCOIN can help.
  • Fill out a form describing essential details about what you seek. The form is available through this link.
  • Submit the scouting request to the national network.
After a designated length of time for the search, MMEC will aggregate responses and deliver them to you. Findings will include the names, capabilities, and contact information of companies (if any) that have the capability to produce or provide the materials/items you post.

Find Sales Opportunities through the National Network

Below is a continually updated list of supplier scouting requests from the NIST national Network. If you would like more information or to submit your company as a qualified supplier for one of these opportunities, follow this link to email Jeff Peterson. 

Current Supplier Scouting Opportunities

Electrical Silver Contact Rivets

A company in Massachusetts is looking for a manufacturer to produce silver contact rivets for use in circuit breaker, relay, switch, timer, and control assemblies.

Scouting #2023-155

Closes December 1, 2023

Custom Purified and/or Mineral Bottled Water

A restaurant in Rhode Island would like to purchase bottled water with a customized label, ideally 12 ounce, but open to larger sizes.

Scouting #2023-162

Closes December 1, 2023

Scanning Electron Microscope for Automated Particle Analysis

NIST is looking for a U.S.-made scanning electron microscope engineered to perform precise chemical analysis of thousands of particles per hour.

Scouting #2023-164

Closes December 7, 2023

Precast Girder Steel Parts

The Federal Highway Administration in Alaska is looking for precast girder steel parts.  

Scouting #2023-153

Closes December 9, 2023

Textile or Laundry Company

A company in North Carolina is looking for a textile company that can scour piece goods.

Scouting #2023-154

Closes December 9, 2023

Toothpaste Tablets

A Georgia company is looking for a manufacturer to produce toothpaste tablets that contain fluoride.

Scouting #2023-160 

Closes December 15, 2023

Cardboard Retail Display

A Pennsylvania company is looking for cardboard retail displays for consumer packaged goods, to be placed in large retailers. 

Scouting #2023-156

Closes December 15, 2023

Investment Cast Titanium Capabilities

An Illinois company seeks a manufacturer for investment cast titanium components, initially for the body of a hammer.

Scouting #2023-161

Closes December 15, 2023

Benchtop Nanopore RNA/DNA Sequencer

A division of the EPA seeks a benchtop bio-electric DNA/RNA sequencing device.

Scouting #2023-157

Closes December 15, 2023

Drawn Copper Tubing

A Pennsylvania company seeks various lengths and profiles of drawn copper tubing.

Scouting #2023-122

Closes December 28, 2023


A company in Missouri is looking for a high-heat tolerant (1000°+) adhesive for its manufacturing process. They produce industrial process furnaces, ovens, and other heating equipment.

Scouting #2023-158

Closes December 30, 2023

Prebiotic Supplement Capsules

An international company is looking for a U.S. manufacturer to fill and package prebiotic supplement capsules.

Scouting #2023-159

Closes December 30, 2023

Chrome Plating on ABS Plastics

A Florida company would like to re-shore its chrome plating and is looking for a high-volume chrome plater for ABS plastics.

Scouting #2023-163

Closes January 6, 2024

Plastics Extruder

A company in Oklahoma is looking for a plastics extruder capable of making rectangular tongue and groove fencing components out of plant-based plastics.

Scouting #2023-149

Closes January 9, 2024

EV Chargers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking domestic manufacturers to supply two types of EV chargers in support of EPA's Clean School Bus Program: 

Level 2 EV Charger Scouting #2023-04

DC Fast Charger Scouting #2023-05

Both Opportunities Close January 5, 2024 

Natural Tree Rubber-Based Sponge for Fitness Mats

A Nevada company seeks a manufacturer for production of fitness mats out of 80% natural rubber.

Scouting #2023-165

Closes February 20, 2024