Table of Contents

Product Valuation

  • Identification of highest value uses and applications for products/services
  • Assessment of clarity of product value to market perception
  • Identification and comparison of direct and indirect competing products/services
  • Discovering highest value potential customers
  • Identification of highest value targeted customer bases

Customer Valuation

  • Identification of best-fit customers in terms of profit and other client determined markers
  • Assessment of current customers
  • Development of best-fit customer profiles to seek new customers

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Distribution Channel

  • Identification of middleman functions and costs
  • Comparison of direct and distribution channel options
  • Assessment of direct and distribution channel margins
  • Identify international distribution systems and margins
  • Identification of market and financial barriers within the channel
  • Develop dealer management system that fits client criteria
  • Develop criteria for direct market system that fits client criteria

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Market Segmentation & Diversification

  • Wisely and systematically choosing market segments based on client criteria
  • Segmentation identifying, qualifying and qualifying potential market segments
  • Market sizing for products/service
  • Profiling best-fit customers
  • Identifying opportunities to communicate product value to the optimal target markets
  • Assessment and recommendation of buying cycles.

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Pricing Strategies

  • Value, cost-plus, contract, distribution channel, middleman functions, and price elasticity

Product Mix/Profitability Analysis

  • Assessment of product mix in terms of profit and other client determined
  • Assessment of current product mix
  • Identification of product category trends

Constraints (capacity, resource, etc.)

    • Assessment of resource, capacity, financial and market constraints
    • Maximize growth and work around or eliminate constraints

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