There is a wealth of remote sensing education resources on the Web.  We are constantly seeing new ones appear, while older ones are updated, moved, or disappear.  The following is a selection that might be of interest.  We try to keep links up to date on a semi-regular basis, but have no control over these sites, and links might get broken.

AmericaView Resource Sharing Web Portal - Contains a wide assortment of resources with tags as to intended education level -

Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation Tutorial: Fundamentals of Remote Sensing - Designed for senior high school or early university level -

Geospatial Revolution - A series of videos providing an introduction to geospatial technologies -

Multispec Tutorials - Tutorials specific to this widely used free remote sensing software -

NASA education materials - These materials are mostly geared for K-12 students -

NASA Wavelength - A wide variety of educational resources for various levels -

Remote Sensing Core Curriculum - Intended to be a fairly comprehensive curriculum suitable for higher education, the modules are undergoing an extensive revision, with some modules being current, others dated, and others to be developed -

USGS Tracking Change Over Time - Intended for students in grades 5–8, the lesson plan is flexible and may be used as a student self-guided tutorial or as a teacher-led class lesson - 

Syracuse University - Working with GIS data - Provides definitions and lists free, open-source software resources -