Below are guidelines to follow as you prepare your electronic capstone posters. Your posters will be displayed electronically at the summer Capstone Symposium and they will be archived in the library along with your capstone paper. Therefore, it is important that we have some consistency regarding format and organization.


  1. The poster may be created in one of a variety of programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Illustrator, etc., but must be submitted in both the original format in case minor changes need to be made and as a PDF.
  2. Please set the page size at 24 inches by 36 inches.
  3. The poster should have  horizontal landscape orientation.
  4. Please use no more than 3 to 4 font sizes. It is recommended that you use a different font size for each of the following: title, section headings, text, and graphics.
  5. Use easily readable fonts (please no script fonts).
  6. Write concisely so as to limit text. Resist turning the poster into a narrative, you already have that in your paper. Remember that a picture (photo, graph, table, etc.) is worth a thousand words - intermix the text with graphics and images whenever appropriate.
  7. Use the same figure/table title line formatting as in your Capstone paper.  Start with 1, then go to 2, 3, etc. as they appear in your poster. 
  8. Be sure to have permissions in place for any photos or graphics used (where appropriate) and be sure to credit the source appropriately. 
  9. Please include the MSU MSSE logo and appropriately credit your school (or other research site). The MSU logo may be re-sized, but may not be altered in any other way. The following PNG files may be dragged and dropped directly into the program you're using.
    1. MSSE horizontal logo with colored text
    2. MSSE horizontal logo with white text
    3. MSSE vertical logo with colored text
    4. MSSE vertical logo with white text
    5. MSU Creative Services - Additional logos
  10. Include your name, the location of your project (city, state), and the date. 
  11. The poster is the FIRST page of your Capstone Presentation.


Please contact your project advisor if you have any questions/concerns as you create your poster. Please take care to develop your poster according to these guidelines. Just like your capstone paper, the quality of your poster reflects on you as well as on the MSSE program.


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