The ASM Student Chapter at Montana State University aims to promote the community of microbiology to graduate and undergraduate students at MSU at both the academic and industrial capacity. We provide all students of MSU (MCB majors and non-majors) the opportunity to present research to peers for feedback, make friends, participate in professional development opportunities, and enjoy outreach activities related to microbiology. Lastly, we aim to serve the Bozeman community through outreach and volunteer activities.

Club Goals

  • Create a space on campus and in the community where individuals of all identities and backgrounds can connect and grow in the microbial sciences and STEM.
  • Expand our members' undertanding of the microbial world through field trips, seminars, workshops, and social events in an accessible and inclusive manner to encourage engagements in all areas concerning microbiology.
  • Further improve the quality of the Microbiology program at Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU).
  • Promote and explain the benefits and value of ASM membership to students, postdocs, and early career scientists at MSU.
  • Promote K-12 student interest in microbiology through educational outreach activities by MSU-ASM.
  • Provide aid and professional development opportunities for students in Microbiology with respect to academic curriculum, research, and employment.
  • Promote student participation in local, state, and national ASM meetings and activities.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of microbiology to society through engagement with industry, government, academia, organizations, and community.
  • Provide resources for members to develop professionally in microbiology-related fields through workshops, poster presentations, seminars, and networking events. 
  • Improve critical thinking skills, science communication, and scientific literacy.