MSU Farrier School

Now accepting applications for Fall session of 2021, see our Application page

For clientele interested in having their horses shod for a discounted rate by students, contact Diego [email protected] or 708-297-7620

Course Overview

The Montana State University (MSU) Farrier School was established in 1970 and is part of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. The shop and classroom buildings are located approximately one mile west of the main MSU campus at the Bozeman Agricultural Research and Teaching (BART) Farm.

This well-resepected school creates proficient, knowledgable farriers with the skills to perform professional work on all types of horses. The 12-week course is carefully structured with a proven balance of theory and practice. In the classroom, students will learn equine lower limb anatomy and physiology, and key concepts of biomechanics. In the shop, students will connect concepts learned in the classroom with trimming and forging techniques, including the fundamentals of shoe making and how to properly fit the horse's foot. As students advance through the course, more specialized forging and shoe making will be covered. The course structure and small class size ensure that each student receives individual instruction tailored to their skill level and learning style.

  • 12 week sessions offered
  • Summer 2021 session closed for facility maintenance
  • Fall 2021, August 2nd-October 22nd: FULL

  • Spring 2022, February 7th- April 29th
  • Summer 2022, May 9th- July 29th
  • Fall 2022, August 8th- October 28th
  • 7 students per class
  • 8 hours of daily instruction

The local equine community provides an abundant supply of horses for valuable skill development. The school works closely with equine veterinarians, giving students an insight into farrier-veterinarian relationships, and opportunity to learn about corrective shoeing protocols for managing lameness. Guest lectures are part of the curriculum, and the school encourages visits from outside practicing farriers. ensuring that students gain real-world exposure to the farrier industry. 

Upon completion students will have the skills necessary to establish their own farrier practice and will be prepared for the American Farrier's Association Certification (CF) Exam.

Forging Courses

Now offering farrier forging courses. We will cover the concepts of shoe making, tool maintenance, certification shoe displays, and other skills useful for the practical portions of farrier examinations.

  • December 13-17 2021
  • January 10-14 2022
  • November 7th-11th 2022
  • December 12th-16th 2022
  • January 16th-20th 2023

$700 for the week, class sizes will be limited to 7 participants. Registration is currently open, email [email protected]  to be added to the list and mail checks to P.O. Box 172900 Bozeman, MT 59717.

 Private Advanced Study Options

Certification preperation courses, one-on-one coaching, and advanced short sessions are available during the winter. For more information contact Diego Almeida ([email protected] or 708-297-7620) or follow us on Social Media.