Tuition Cost

The tuition cost is $8,000 for 12 weeks (housing not included). This includes textbooks/other reading materials, bar stock, propane, horseshoes, nails, and use of the school forges and anvils. Students are required to provide their own hand tools (see Tools & Books).

A $1,500 deposit is required with application. The remaining non-refundable $6,500 balance is due before the end of the 12-week session and canbe paid in three installments due by the end of Weeks 1, 5, and 9.

See Application for more details.

Financial Aid

Applicants who need financial assistance should contact the following offices for eligibility:
Veterans Office (GI Bill®)
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Local Job Service
Rural Employment & Opportunity (REO) for MT residents contact 1-800-546-1140 or


Students have the option to make their own housing arrangments, or to utilize housing provided by MSU. Single dormitory rooms on the MSU campus are available to Farrier School students, with or without a meal plan. Please see housing document below for rate information, but note that housing arrangements will be made on behalf of students by the Farrier School for those students who request MSU housing on their Application.

For more details about housing ammenities and 360 degree room tours, see the Johnstone Center Resident Life page.

Double Room

  Double Gold Double Silver Double Copper Double Bronze Housing Only
Spring '21 Session (1/31-4/24) $4,077.56 $3,927.56 $3,953.89 $3,803.89 $1,908.01
Summer '21 Session (5/2-7/24) NA NA NA NA $1,245.00
Fall '21 Session (8/1-10/23) $4,077.56 $3,927.56 $3,953.89 $3,803.89 $1,908.01

 Single Room

  Single Gold Single Silver Single Copper Single Bronze Housing Only
Spring '21 Session (1/31/4/24) $4,272.61 $4,122.61 $4,143.13 $3,993.13 $2,103.89
Summer '21 Session (5/2-7/24) NA NA NA NA $1,660.00
Fall '21 Session (8/1-10/23) $4,272.61 $4,122.61 $4,143.13 $3,993.13 $2,103.89

 *** Fall '21 Session rates won't be determined until May '21, therefore Fall '20 housing rates were used as an estimate.