We believe everyone brings ingenuity, creativity, and their own expert knowledge to problems that they care about. Unfortunately, for some of us, math is about memorizing facts and applying rules that don’t make sense. We believe math is creative and beautiful, AND we believe the best solutions are found when people work in teams. That’s why we are inviting groups of 4-6 youth and mentor (4-H or other) to come and experience camp together. 

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Umm…math all day…every day?

Well, not exactly! Here are some of the activities we have planned.

  • A night at the Museum of the Rockies
  • Bowling, pool, and video games at the Student Union Building
  • A field day in Hyalite Canyon
  • Movie night in the Procrastinator

Plus, you’ll have a chance to learn about Montana State University, meet teachers and students, and get to know the campus as well as the surrounding area.

Who Can Attend?

Montana Models is for students entering grades 7th to 12th in the fall 2022. Our camp is a little bit different because we invite teams of youth along with an adult mentor. If you are interested, contact your 4-H County Agent, or other potential adult leader then reach out to us!

Why Should I Attend?

At Montana Models, you get to

  • Share your local expertise with others
  • Develop and use problem-solving strategies and
  • Learn mathematical and statistical modeling skills in an fun environment
  • Contribute to your community by generating creative solutions to local problems
  • Learn from faculty and graduate students who are using mathematical and statistical modeling to cure diseases, understand animal habitats, and solve crimes (to name just a few topics)
  • Experience college life: sleeping in the residence halls, eating in the dining hall, and exploring the campus of Montana State University.
  • Get to know Bozeman and the surrounding community
  • Make connections and have fun with researchers and peers across the state.


Montana Models will be held in July 19-23, 2022 on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. 


There will be no fee or tuition for participants, as this project is funded National Science Foundation. All room & board, activities, and student materials are provided free of charge.

Want to Know More? 

4-H Members 

Contact your county agent. Get more info at MSU Extension.

All Others

Please contact Mary Alice Carlson at[email protected]

Girl and Boy Working on Math Work