If you wish to download a concert that is not listed, please contact Thomas Thomas to have it uploaded.

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The School of Music provides records of performances in Reynolds Recital Hall to all its faculty and students. This service is not available to the public. To access a concert recording from Reynolds Recital Hall, please use the following link:


You will need to enter a user name and password. The user name and password are available in the music computer lab, room 127.

Concerts are sorted by Date and Title or Artist Name. Example: 10-16-12 Fall Choral Concert

Click on the .zip package to begin download of the recorded concert (or Right-click, Save as). Once it is downloaded, you may open or extract the files using "Finder" or "Windows Explorer". The recordings will be labeled "Track 1, Track 2, Track 3," etc..., and can be imported or dragged into your music player of choice (iTunes, Windows Media Player,Quicktime, Pro Tools, etc...).

Download speeds vary from location to location. On-campus download speeds will be fast. Off-campus downloads are not recommended due to file size. Speeds will be slow and may take more than an hour to complete.

All recordings are 44.1k 16bit and are ready to be burned to CD. No conversion should be necessary. If there is a problem with the recording, please contact Jeremiah Slovarp.

Concerts will be posted and maintained up to six months on this website before being deleted. All concerts are permanently archived. Archived hard copy can be requested from Thomas Thomas.

LEGAL: All recordings are Copyright of Montana State University and the School of Music. All musical works and compositions are the copyright of their respective authors. All recordings are courtesy of the MSU School of Music to the performers and for academic archival, reference, and purposes only. These recordings may not be bought or sold.