Gamelan Ensemble


The MSU world music ensemble called Gamelan Sekar Gunung [Mountain Flower Gamelan] is a percussion orchestra made up of over 20 instruments, including metalophones (xylophone-like), gongs, suling flutes, drums, cymbals, and angklung (bamboo shakers). These instruments are native to Bali, Indonesia, and in fact, this orchestra was built especially for Montana State by the master gamelan builder on the island, Pandé Madé Gableran. The orchestra is of the type called Gamelan Angklung, used originally in temple music. Prof. Alan Leech studied the music and its instruments during a sabbatical trip to Bali in 1997, and later arranged for MSU to commission the instruments.

Beleganjuran - trad. Balinese

Gambang Kuta - Kuta village gamelan (c.1980)

Gending Angklung Tua - Chulik village gamelan, Bali

Angklung Sabilang (2004)Allan Leech


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Jeffrey  Vick

Jeffrey Vick

Balinese Gamelan