Enter information into the pages and fields listed below. 

General Information: Personal and Contact Information

  • Name
    • Include prefix "Dr." or "Proffesor." 
    • No sufix, please
    • Include Pronoun
  • Email
  • Office
  • Phone numbers
    • Your phone number should be listed on your office phone, If you do not have a phone, please list the Music Office Number
    • Music Office Number: 406-994-3562
  • Personal website
  • Teaching Interests
  • Research Interests

General Information: Biography and Expertise

  • Biography
  • Areas of Specialization **It’s important to fill this in, as this entry also shows up on the department faculty directory page under your name in italics.
  • List in the following order: Applied area, Designated/Large ensembles, Academic areas, Chamber ensembles, Skills areas, other...

General Information: Web Profile

  • Uploading a Photo (link to another page)
  • Office Hours (can list cell here as well if you want students to have it)
  • Personal website
  • Bio (at bottom, labeled Custom Profile Block) You have the choice of where it shows. Choose First item in profile. You can use basic HTML formatting commands, such as <b>text</b> for bold text, and <i>text</i> for italic text, and <p> for the start of a new paragraph. **It’s important to fill this in, as this bio shows up on your web profile.
  • Control the display of information pulled from your research/intellectual contributions, awards/honors, creative activities, education, service, grants.
    • You can decide how many entries show in each category by adding rows.
    • The drop down menu is vague about the entries. You won’t see what the sponsoring organization is in the menu. You have to update your web page to see the full listing as it will look on your web page.
    • It does not seem possible to remove Intellectual Contributions and Grants from your faculty profile. If you have anything in these areas, they will display. If you don’t choose anything, the five most recent items display. If you want to limit that, choose one item for display, do not add additional rows, and only that item will display on your faculty profile page.
  • If you enter a URL for an activity (creative/research/etc.), the activity title becomes a link when displayed on your faculty profile.

When you are done, you may want to refresh your faculty profile web page. 

General Information: Administrative Assignment

  • List Primary Area of Teaching as "Other" with starting year of employment as Start Date. 
    • Music Education
    • Bassoon
    • Trumpet
    • Percussion
    • Music Theory
    • Director of Bands

General Information: Education

  • Check to see that all your degrees are listed.
  • If you are missing degrees, download the Degree History Form (linked in the instructions on the Education page)

Faculty Profile Web Page Refresh

  • By default, any new information you enter will not show up until the system automatically updates all web pages each day at 3:00 AM.
  • If you want to see your changes, you have to manually refresh your faculty profile page.
    • In the Edit Web Profile section of Activity Insight there is a link near the top of the page, “For Additional Information…Activity Insight Web Profiles at MSU.” Follow that link. The last topic link leads you to a place that you login to and manually refresh your profile page. It’s a few steps, or you can go directly to the link.