School of Music Core Purpose

Through music we Learn, Create, Inspire, and Serve

School of Music Core Values

Excellence, Community, Collaboration, Trust, and Communication

School of Music Mission Statement

The School of Music at Montana State University offers dynamic programs in music, music technology, and music education, preparing our students for various professions life-long musical engagement. Inspired by the belief that music is central to human ways of life, the School affirms the University's mission to serve the people and communities of Montana by providing a musically enriched environment. The School is committed to contributing to the musical world through performance, scholarship, composition, leadership, and nurturing the musical expression, understanding, discovery, and creativity of its faculty and students.

School of Music Vision Statement

The collective vision of the faculty of the School of Music is to bring the school into a position of leadership among institutions of comparable size and mission. This vision is firmly anchored in our support for the current mission of the school and our strong commitment to all three undergraduate degree programs and the Master of Music in Music Education. Further success in recruiting well-prepared music majors and non-majors to MSU will help strengthen our ensemble program and provide our students with the best musical experience. These ensembles will represent MSU through performances across the region and beyond, in tum attracting new students to the program. Graduating excellent music educators who can recommend MSU to accomplished students is equally important for recruiting. Individual instruction in Applied Music for both majors and non-majors plays an integral role in achieving excellence in our ensembles and is a vital part of the degree programs in music. With our emphasis on international programs for both majors and faculty/student ensembles, we will broaden and deepen the educational experience for our students and attract those students who are interested in a global perspective. The faculty must identify, recruit and retain top-level music students in the region and continually improve current students' academic and musical performance. Students who excel in their areas of specialization will attest to the high quality of our program and help recruit other excellent students. The faculty will offer quality instruction in an environment characterized by integrity, personal connection, commitment and compassion.