native american students walking to class

The Council of American Indian Programs (CAIP), formerly known as the Indian Program Directors (IPD), was renamed in 2013 to reflect the inclusive nature of the committee. CAIP has representatives from over 33 programs across campus that provide support for American Indian student success at MSU.  Julian Collins, Director of TRiO Student Support Services, and Lisa Perry, Director of American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Services, are the current co-chairs of CAIP.

CAIP is an open group and all are welcome to join monthly CAIP meetings and subscribe to our campus-wide electronic listserv to stay updated on program happenings and events relevant to American Indian and Alaska Native students.  The Native American Studies department and several core programs on campus that serve American Indian and Alaska Native students make up the foundation of the group. 


The Council of American Indian Programs (CAIP) is a consortium of administrators, faculty and staff at MSU-Bozeman whose programs support significant recruitment and retention initiatives promoting American Indian and Alaskan Native student success. CAIP is a unified, inclusive group within which members of a variety of programs share, collaborate, organize, plan, develop and implement recruitment and retention activities for American Indian and Alaskan Native students at MSU.

Specific goals include:

  • Target initiatives to recruit, retain, graduate, and place American Indian and Alaskan Native students in a variety of discipline-specific opportunities.
  • Assess the educational support needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Students and create innovative general and discipline-specific support services.
  • Serve as an advisory board for outreach efforts like “Rockin the Rez’ an organized tour of reservation schools and communities across Montana.
  • Avoid duplication and redundancy by sharing resources, materials, personnel and schedules.
  • Collect, organize, synthesize, and distribute data that drives programmatic decisions.
  • Provide outreach and service to our American Indian communities through individual programs and through collaborative efforts.
  • Distribute and share information about all our programs.
  • Coordinate programs and people who serve American Indian and Alaskan Native students at MSU-Bozeman as well as support tribal members on reservations across Montana.