Often times diversity is thought of solely in terms of race, and if a boardroom has one token minority, diversification is checked off the managerial to-do list. But times have changed and diversity needs to be inclusive of all genders, races, religions, sexualities, ages and socioeconomic statuses. The changing demographics of the United States have the current statistical minorities becoming the majority, and placing a bulk of buying power in the hands of women. If these voices are not being represented, is the conversation worthwhile? There is a plethora of research from varying disciplines to demonstrate the enormous benefits of a diverse and inclusive work environment. The verdict is in - let's get to work! 

"Blaming women is an easy strategy, the harder one is to meaningfully engage the myriad of factors that lead women to avoid or drop-out of STEM." (Science Isn't the Problem)

 why diversity matters facts

 "The real change that is needed is not about promoting STEM fields to women, but rather a change in culture to make those fields more welcoming. The pipeline is leaky due to to the attitudes and toxic work environments that women in science and technology encounter both in training and later in their work."