Note: Thank you for your interest in ADVANCE Project TRACS, our NSF funded Institutional Transformational Grant which ended August 31, 2017. The pages that follow are historical documents for informational purposes only.

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ADVANCE Impact Brochure 

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 Recipe for Change

A recipe for change: Creating a more inclusive academy

This article in Science lays out a six-point plan of what needs to change, who should participate, and how actors outside of the academy should have direct involvement in the process to achieve institutional transformation.

2015 CUPA-HR Award


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The former ADVANCE Project TRACS Team.

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Invoking the metaphor of a “runner’ s track” suggests women faculty in STEM/SBS frequently find themselves on an “outside” track with hurdles to overcome and a longer distance to run than their male counterparts.

We aimed to transform MSU by removing those hurdles and advancing women to an equal staring point.

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