OLLI at MSU Program Proposal Form - Short

Use this form if you'd like to propose a course or program for OLLI at MSU but want to run the idea by us before completing a full program proposal form.


OLLI at MSU Program Proposal Form - Long

Use this form if you've received the green light for your proposed OLLI at MSU course or program. This form collects the information needed for the catalog and website. 

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OLLI at MSU Program Suggestion Form

Use this form if you have a suggestion for an OLLI at MSU course or program.

Teaching for OLLI at MSU

Presenters find the OLLI at MSU cohort engaging, well read and curious. Members choose and attend OLLI at MSU programs for the joy of learning, interest in the subject matter and to learn amongst peers.

Our cohort enjoys learning about new, old and timely topics. Additionally, knowing how your presentation topic may be relevant to their lives. Participants enjoy the casual environment and personal connection to presenters. We encourage discussion throughout or at the end of programs.

Thank you for raising your hand to teach for OLLI at MSU!

It is a joy for us to stay cognitively engaged in lifelong learning and your participation is key to this endeavor!