Please apply for a scholarship before registering.

If cost is of concern, we invite you to complete the short Doug Young Memorial OLLI Scholarship Fund application and participate more fully in OLLI programs. Applicants can use scholarships to help with program tuition and up to 50% of an annual OLLI membership. Awards for Travel Programs are limited to 50% off the tuition for one Travel Program per person per academic year. Some exclusions apply.

Join us to enjoy the adventures and benefits of lifelong learning.

Please apply online or download the application as an accessible Word document and return it via email, fax or USPS.

For additional information, please contact us at 406-994-6550.


Applications must be submitted no later than two weeks before the beginning of the offering for which you are seeking assistance.

Please do not register without follow-up instructions

Please do not register for the OLLI MSU offering without receiving our office's confirmation of the scholarship and follow-up registration instructions from our office.

About the Doug Young Memorial OLLI Scholarship Fund

Doug Young had a contagiously positive attitude, insatiable curiosity and a ‘can do’ approach to life and work.

As a Professor Emeritus of Economics at MSU, Doug served many roles within OLLI at MSU over the years: Advisory Council member and president (twice!), instructor, treasurer of the Friends of Wonderlust (the predecessor organization to OLLI at MSU) and more.

Thanks to Doug’s family and friends’ support, OLLI at MSU can offer the Doug Young Memorial Scholarship Fund to support curious lifelong learners like himself.