"You have set a new standard for my audience ratings of these lectures. I'm afraid I'll have to start downgrading other speakers just a tad to leave room for a star like you!" Participant

"Great job! Directed at just the right level for non-scientists like me." Participant

"Very interesting subject matter.  Made one think about history and how lucky we actually are." Participant

"Keep up the wonderful work! You are making a great difference in this world." Participant

"The instructors presented demanding, important, fascinating, and timely material in a way that engaged the class." Participant

“The Wonderlust course experience is exceptional from my viewpoint as a presenter." Instructor

“Very engaging. This instructor knows her subject matter well and is a great presenter. One of the best courses I have taken.” Participant

“My second economics course with Wonderlust and I would take another!” Participant

“Probably the best Wonderlust class I have ever attended ... and I’ve attended many!” Participant

“Participants are engaged, enthusiastic and bring their own deeply-informed knowledge,professional experiences and thoughtful perspectives to the presenter-participant dynamic.” Instructor

“This was an amazing course - full of information, great slides and handouts. Hope you will repeat it for others.” Participant

“Very interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking course." Participant

“The instructor's style was "info-tainment" which helped make a challenging subject fun!” Participant

"I enjoyed the level of interest the members of the audience had in the [topic I presented]." Instructor

“The quality of the instructors and the course content was excellent. The interdisciplinary approach was provocative. It was as if we were attending a course at a major university with excellent professors and avid student learners. Bravo!" Participant

“Extraordinary mastery of the topic. A wonderful course!” Participant