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Quiz: Is distance learning right for me?

Distance programs offer convenience and flexibility, but also require self-motivation and some technology know-how. Take this quiz to see if distance learning might be a good fit.

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Distance student profiles

Read about students who have completed undergraduate and graduate-level distance degree or certificate programs at MSU.
What's it like?

What's it like to take classes online?

From communicating with instructors to participating in instructor office hours to completing class assignments, online classes differ from in-person classes. 


How many classes?

How many classes should I take?

The number of classes you take in a semester depends on several factors such as your work schedule, family commitments and community obligations.

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Applying for admission

The application process differs depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, and if you are returning to MSU or are a new student.

How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

Costs depend on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, in-state or out-of-state, and how many credits you take.



Tips for success as a distance learning student

Starting a distance learning program can seem daunting at first. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your degree or certificate program.

Applying for admission

Resources and services for distance students

See what resources and services are available to distance students. You'll be happy to know that many of the services for traditional, on-campus students are also available to distance students.

Becoming a distance student checklist

Use this handy checklist to get started with your educational adventure and reach your goals with distance learning at Montana State University!