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October 18-19, 2023

Strand Union Building

     Attend the conference and earn RCR credits towards fulfillment of NSF and NIH requirements.                     More info


All-person Sessions:

Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity

Karen Wehner, PhD, Director of the Division of Education and Integrity

Collaboration with Montana Communities

Vernon Grant, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity, MSU;
Brad Hall, PhD, President, Blackfeet Community College; and
Alma McCormick, BS, Executive Director, Messengers for Health

Moderated by Alexandra Adams, M.D., Ph.D., Director and Principal Investigator, CAIRHE, MSU

A Researcher's Perspective

Vanessa Simonds, PhD, Associate Professor, MSU Department of Health & Human Development 

Christine Martin, Montana State University


Nick Seedall, Special Agent, FBI


Concurrent Sessions:

Track 1: Environmental Health & Laboratory Safety

Audiences: Safety Officeers, Safety and Risk Management, Emergency Responders, Researchers and Students

Track 2 : Research Compliance Committees

Audiences: Committee Chairs, Committee Members, Compliance Professionals, Program Managers and Researchers

Track 3: Research Integrity & Ethics for Researchers and Students

Audiences: Researchers, Students and Compliance Professionals

Compliance vs Culture: How to Build a Successful Safety Culture

Committee Review: A How-To Guide

Best Practices/Emerging Trends: Conflict of Interest, Foreign Influence, Export Control, Data Security and Information Security

Lab Sustainability

Training: Lost in the Shuffle

Conducting and Preparing for Off Campus Research

Laboratory Emergency Preparedness

Post Approval Monitoring & Internal Audits: Are we doing what we said we'd do?

Research Misconduct - "What is it? How does it happen? Could it happen to you?"

Preparing for Regulatory Inspections: It isn't a Question of if, but When

IRB Roundtable Q & A (room 1) 

AACUC, IACUC, IBC, LSC, and RSC Roundtable  Q & A (room 2)

Mentor/Mentee Relationships "Setting Expectations"


The Research Integrity & Compliance Conference 2023 is the first conference event in the State of Montana designed to address the needs and concerns of Montana stakeholders on research compliance related topics. This conference intends to be inclusive of all Montana research communities, institutions, and professionals who are engaged in research compliance.

Conference attendees will benefit from the practiced skills and first-hand knowledge of speakers representing various interests across Montana, allowing participants to increase their understanding of relevant issues and emerging topics facing the community. Break-out sessions will allow participants to raise questions, discuss case studies, and share experiences in a small group setting. The gathering will also provide participants a platform to network and dialogue with fellow Montana colleagues.

The 2023 Research Integrity & Compliance Conference will have three primary tracks: 1) Environmental Health & Laboratory Safety, 2) Research Compliance Committees, and 3) Research Integrity & Ethics for Researchers and Students. These tracks recognize the diverse aims of regulatory and ethics focused groups often tasked to harmonize and work in collaboration. We have designated these focus areas with the goal of providing this conference opportunity to as many Montana stakeholders to attend and contribute as possible. 


Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge and honor, with respect, the indigenous Nations on whose traditional homelands the University now stands and whose historical and cultural relationships with the land continues to this day.