Due to an upgrade with TOPAZ, once you log in and select the proper protocol family, you may only get a grey screen. If this happens, please clear your history (including cookies, cached items, etc.) in settings. This should solve the issue.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out if you continue to have issues.

Do not click on My Dashboard on the main page - you will receive a Silverlight error. Go to the appropriate protocol module to select My Dashboard.

Request to be Added to or Update Permissions in TOPAZ for IRB protocols

If you are new to or need to have your permissions updated in TOPAZ for an IRB (human subjects) protocol, please complete form below to request to have an account created for you. Once your account has been created you will recieve an email notification letting you know you have access. These requests are usually processed within 48 business hours. 

I need to be added to  or have privileges updated in TOPAZ for an IRB (human subjects) protocol




If you need further assistance, please contact the Training and Development Coordinator, Nicole Soll, [email protected], (406) 994-6732