This system will ultimately reduce the burden on principal investigators and provide other benefits such as:

  • Committee Integration – All PI protocols from the different compliance committees will appear on the same PI dashboard.  In addition, protocols from different committees can be linked if both pertain to the same research project.
  • Single Sign-On – MSU NetIDs and passwords will be used for TOPAZ sign-on and CITI sign-on.
  • Learning Management System – All individuals associated with projects requiring a committee protocol have been uploaded to TOPAZ’s Learning Management System.  MSU, CITI and in-house training records are maintained on TOPAZ and associated with each individual.  This learning management system eliminates the “tracking down” of training records by the PI.  
  • Improved Review Process – TOPAZ allows PIs to access their protocols and view the history, track changes, and review details including comments, assignments and PI responses.  Review details can be seen throughout the life of the protocol.
  • Automated Reminders – Automated messages will be generated for approvals, protocol reviews, and committee decisions.
  • Integrated Amendments/Modifications – Amendments/Modifications are integrated and time stamped onto the original protocol, allowing for quicker amendments/modifications, reducing confusion, duplicative responses, and protocol discrepancies.    
  • Protocol Cloning Capabilities – Protocols can be copied to generate a renewal if a protocol is expiring or if a PI does not want to “start from scratch” on a new protocol.  This allows pertinent information such as personnel and training records to be transferred over to the new protocol. 
  • Embedded Annual Renewals – Annual renewals will be integrated into the original protocol on TOPAZ.  This eliminates paper based annual renewals that have been used.