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Montana State University (MSU) is accountable for ensuring all work conducted meets applicable regulations. The intent of this policy is to provide guidance for review of projects involving collaborative work with live animals at outside organizations or in the field for the performance of research, testing, breeding or teaching.


This guideline applies to Principal Investigators, working with live vertebrate animals at an outside organization (Collaborating Organization) or in the field through an award, sub-award, contract or sub-contract from MSU.


Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA): An agreement between MSU and the collaborating organization for the performance of animal research, testing, breeding or teaching.

Principal Investigator (PI): An MSU employee responsible for a proposal (i.e., “animal use protocol”) to conduct research and for the design and implementation of research involving animals.

Process Procedure:

  1. PI is to provide the IACUC Program Manager with the following information:
    1. Name of collaborating institution
    2. Name of PI at collaborating institution, email and phone number
    3. Research Project (grant/contract) title
    4. Sponsor or funding agency if applicable
    5. Sponsor’s award number if applicable
  2. IACUC Program Manager responsibilities:
    1. Initiation of the IIA through the PI at the collaborating institution. Assessment of the completed IIA for compliance and obtaining additional documentation as required.
      1. Completion of an OLAW Interinstitutional Assurance (as applicable) if the collaborating institution does not have an OLAW approved Animal Welfare Assurance.
    2. Distribution of the fully executed IIA and associated documentation as applicable to MSU PI and collaborating PI.

IACUC Approval Date: 03/27/2019

Review Date: 03/27/2019

Issue Date: 03/29/2019