Social and Behavioral Human Subjects Research vs. Program Evaluation
Social and Behavioral Human Subjects Research
Program Evaluation
  • To test a hypothesis or answer a research question
  • To advance general knowledge in the academic, scientific or
    professional community
  • To fill gaps in current literature
  • To improve a program, practice or process
  • To judge a program’s effectiveness
  • To judge a program’s merit or worth
  • To provide information for and about a specific program
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • To answer scientific questions
  • To advance broad knowledge and theory
  • To portray individuals, groups or societies involved
  • Program mandate
  • Program decision-making
Program stakeholders
Study Question
How does it work?
How well does it work?
On subjects
On program
  • Not generally expected to directly or immediately affect subjects
  • Generate new research questions
  • Expected to directly affect program practice or conduct
  • Identify improvements
Dissemination of Results
  • Expectation to present or publish in scholarly forum or publication
  • Present to program stakeholders
  • May present or publish widely to suggest potentially effective models and strategies, or provide benchmarks