Project personnel must take one base required human subjects module in order to be listed on an IRB protocol. Additional add-ons may be required depending on the nature of the research. Protocols will not be approved until all personnel have completed the CITI training (mandated by VPR).

Personnel includes but is not limited to PIs, researchers, team members, faculty advisors, or anyone having contact with human subjects.

Most researchers looking for a general training should take IRB Social & Behavioral Research. CITI certification for human subjects modules is valid for five years. 

See course details and first-time login instructions by clicking a course name in the table below. 

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Working with...  CITI Training Name  Protocol Requirement?
Students Student-led projects involving minimal risk research like surveys;

Also may be appropriate for students assisting Faculty PIs on research projects

IRB Students and Class Projects

Base Requirement

Faculty, Staff, or Students Social and behavioral research on human subjects

IRB Social and Behavioral Research Base Requirement
Faculty, Staff, or Students Biomedical research on human subjects

IRB Biomedical Research Base Requirement
Faculty, Staff, or Students Data or biospecimens acquired from human subjects. This course is appropriate for researchers who will not have direct contact with human subjects but will be working with secondary samples.

IRB Data or Specimens Acquired from Human Subjects
Base Requirement
Faculty, Staff, or Students Confidential information, Protected Health Information (PHI), or HIPAA-associated data obtained from a covered entity IRB Information Privacy Security for PHI or HIPAA Data

Required add-on if protocol involves Protected Health Information (PHI) 

Faculty, Staff, or Students Clinical Trials IRB Clinical Trials and Good Clinical Practice... Required add-on if protocol meets the definition of a clinical trial




RCR training  does not satisfy the IRB requirement to be protocol personnel. RCR training can be beneficial in other ways and covers topics like authorship, data management, mentor-mentee relationships, peer review, and research misconduct. However, a module more focused on human subjects topics is required for IRB protocols - see table above and be sure to take one base required module. 

3 months prior to certificate expiration, CITI will send learners a notification that a refresher course is available to take. Most human subjects courses have a condensed refresher module available. Any modules without refreshers will return the learner to the original course to re-take as the refresher.

Yes, all faculty/advisors overseeing a student-led IRB protocol must have current human subjects training in order to have sufficient background knowledge to guide the student.



Other Educational Resources

REDCap offers HIPAA-compliant building and managing of online surveys and databases. The REDCap system is available to MSU researchers as well as system specific training. 


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