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Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Sustainability Program

How the program works

MSU is incentivizing labs to replace their energy inefficient Ultra Low Temperature Freezers with new Energy Star rated ULT freezers to reduce energy waste and save on energy costs. 

MSU will offer money back to laboratories in the form of a rebate for purchasing a new ULT freezer from the list of eligible freezers. These freezers are being provided at a reduced cost by Fisher Scientific and Avantor/VWR. 

This program is only applicable to ULT freezers; ordinary refrigerators and freezers are not eligible for this program. Eligible freezers must be installed in/recycled from university-owned and/or operated properties. The principal investigator will be responsible for the decontamination of the ULT freezer and an Equipment Decontamination Certificate will be required before freezer is recycled.