This training is available on CITI and By Request


This online training through CITI covers the basic fundamentals of the safe use of X-ray generating equipment (i.e. x-ray diffraction, x-ray imaging or electron microscopes). Topics include regulations, MSU’s safety program, hazard characteristics and mitigation. It is given as a video that releases a short quiz at the end.

Completion Information

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be eligible to work with X-ray generating equipment. Passing criteria is 80% on the quiz. Training certificates are available upon request.

Valid for  3 years
Duration less than 1 hour
Course Materials Participants will receive a packet with training related information.
Training Outcome

At the conclusion of the training attendees will understand the following topics pertinent to your specific job function:

  • State and federal regulations for the use or x-ray generating machines
  • Machine Design and Registration
  • Safe Practices for Use
  • MSU Program Responsibilities
  • User Responsibilities
  • X-ray Characteristics
  • Exposure to X-rays
  • Hazard Prevention
  • Hazard characteristics and methods for mitigation