Training is available on CITI or By Request


This online regresher training through CITI acts as a refresher for training provided for both Radioactive Material User Training as well as the required Laboratory Specific Training. Topics include principles of radiation, radiation safety basics, program requirements and security of radioactive materials. It is given as a video that releases a quiz.


Completion Information

Upon completion of the training, the attendee may continue to use Radioactive Materials under their authorized PI.

Valid for ~1 year (two refresher trainings are required between full trainings)
Duration less than 1 Hour
Course Materials None, completely online
Training Outcome At the conclusion of the training attendees will be able to: 
  • Radiation Basics

  • Radiation Regulations

  • Radiation Hazard Prevention

  • Radioactive Material Use

  • Radioactive Waste

  • The characteristics of different forms of radiation
  • Concepts of time, distance and shielding
  • MSU’s program requirements
  • Security of radioactive material requirements
  • Emergency response