Training is on campus and is available by Request

All individuals taking this training must also take Laboratory Safety for Laboratory Workers (or equivalent) to work in a lab setting.

Description The training covers basic radiation fundamentals and safety, as well as MSU rules governing the use of these materials. It is given as a presentation along with a hands on component where attendees will gain experience with radiation detection equipment. 
Completion Information

Attending the training and passing the written exam with an 80% or higher score. Training certificates are available upon request. Prior to starting work with radioactive materials the Principle investigator must conduct specific training on standard operating procedures within the laboratory. After specific training is complete an amendment must be submitted to the radiation safety officer ion order for an attendee to become an authorized user under the protocol.

Valid for 3 years (two refresher trainings required between full training dates)
Duration 3.5 Hours
Course Materials Participants will receive a packet with training related information. The training will also offer verbal discussion and interactive scenarios.
Training Outcome At the conclusion of the training attendees will understand the following in regards to radiation safety: 
  • Applicable regulations
  • Atomic structure
  • Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation
  • Radioactivity units
  • Radioactive decay
  • Background radiation
  • Steps to minimize exposure (ALARA)
  • Radiation protection principles
  • Radiation surveys
  • Radiation inventory
  • Recordkeeping
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Waste disposal
  • Policy on transporting radioactive material
  • Occupational dose limits and proper use of dosimetry
  • Policy on radiation and pregnancy
  • Purchase, receipt, and storage of radioactive material
  • Radiation instrumentation
  • Spill and contamination procedure (non-emergency)
  • Emergency response