This training is available on CITI or By Request


This online training through CITI covers the basic fundamentals of the safe use of class 3B and 4 lasers. This is a general training on laser safety. Topics include laser classifications, beam related hazards, administrative and procedural controls, engineering Controls, non-beam hazards, emergencies and incidents as well as MSU’s laser safety program. Principle Investigators are responsible for arranging for specific training on standard operating procedures within the laboratory.

Completion Information

Watching a video will release a quiz for which a 80% or higher score is required. Training certificates are available upon request. Prior to starting work with class 3B and 4 lasers the Principle investigator must verify with the radiation safety officer that specific training on standard operating procedures within the laboratory has been conducted. After verification attendees can start to work with class 3B and 4 lasers.

Valid for  3 years
Duration Less than 1 Hour
Course Materials None, completely online
Training Outcome

At the conclusion of the training attendees will understand the following in regards to radiation safety: 

  • Beam related hazards
  • Biological effects of laser radiation on the eye and skin
  • Non-beam hazards (e.g. fire hazards, chemical exposure)
  • Control measures and personal protective equipment.
  • How lasers are classified from class 1-4
  • The required administrative and procedural controls (i.e. alignment procedures, guidance for safe use) for laser usage
  • The required engineering controls (i.e. eye ware, access restrictions) for laser usage
  • The emergency procedures in the event of an injury