Rental Shop Policies

    • Eligibility and Pricing

      • MSU Students, faculty, staff, and alumni (who have purchased an alumni membership) are eligible to rent equipment.
        • We are unable to rent to community members who have no affiliation to MSU at this time.
        • Renting as part of an MSU-Affiliated Group? Call us at (406) 994-3621
      • Student Pricing is available to those who have paid the ASMSU activity fee for the current semester. This includes students taking at least 7 credits or those taking fewer credits that have opted to pay these fees separately (at the cashier's windows in Montana Hall). 
      • Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Members are eligible to rent at the non-student rate.

    • Rental Period

      • Rental Rates: The prices you see listed are the daily rate for an item. All gear must be returned by 6:00pm for all other rentals to avoid late fees.  

      • Holiday rates: Vary, please see announcements or call the shop. 
    • General Rental Policies

      • All rentals must be reserved in advance and paid for with a credit card or Catcard through our online reservation portal. Cash will not be accepted.
      • Customers will be asked to sign their rental agreement online at the time of reservation and payment. A copy will be emailed to them.
      • Customers can return their gear on the designated day at any time between 10am and 6pm. 
      • Staff members cannot help tie down gear to vehicles. Customers should come prepared to do so themselves. 
      • Customers should check over their gear before loading up to ensure everything is present and in good repair.
      • Customers must not abandon their gear. If a customer abandons their gear without notifying an ORP staff member, they will be charged a $50 fee. 
    • Cancellations/Refunds

      • Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to pick-up date will receive a 100% refund. 
      • Cancellations made between six and two days of pick-up date will receive a 75%.
      • No refunds for cancellation less than 48 hours before rental period. 
      • There are no refunds for illness, weather, early returns or non-usage. Please plan rentals accordingly.
    • Refund Options

      • We offer ORP credit for your rental or situation dependent refunds
      • Refunds will not be granted due to lack of use of equiptment, early returns, or inclement weather conditions. Please plan accordingly.
    • Rental Policies

      1. Renter assumes sole liability for any injuries or damages sustained by renter and/or to others while using the equipment. I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless ASMSU, Rec Sports and Montana State University, its trustees, officers, agents, employees, students, and volunteers from and against all liability claims, demands, losses, damages, and expenses of every kind and description to persons (including death) or properly associated with use of this rented equipment.
      2. Renter assumes the risk of any defect in design or use of equipment. Renter agrees to accept responsibility of examining equipment prior to use, finding it suitable to their needs and in good condition. Equipment is acknowledged to be in operable condition. The Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages caused by delays or user abuse.  
      3. The Outdoor Recreation Program staff has the right to refuse a return if not all items in that order are present. Once all items are present, the return will be approved.  
      4. I agree that if I lose or damage this equipment, I am responsible for repair or replacement costs. 
      5. I understand that Outdoor Recreation Program staff is responsible for assigning repair/replacement charges. I understand that ORP may assess a fee for cleaning or minor repairs of equipment at its discretion. I agree to pay this fee if deemed applicable by ORP. 
      6. Rental fees are non-refundable and subject to official cancellation policy, not dependent on whether equipment was used or not. 
      7. Refunds- We offer ORP credit for your rental or situation dependent refunds. Refunds will not be granted due to lack of use of equiptment, early returns, or inclement weather conditions. Please plan accordingly. 
      8. Reservations- To reserve your gear, the customer must pay before taking the rental gear off the premises. I acknowledge that I am required to return rental equipment during business hours between 10:00am and 6:00pm on the due date indicated.Cancellations less than 2 full days from the reservation will receive no refund. 1 week prior to pick-up times applied to Raft Rentals.Campus Rec/ORP is not responsible for equipment left during non-business hours; an additional charge of $50 will be assessed or equipment left outside during closed hours.I understand I will be charged the full daily rental rate plus a late fee of $2.00 for each day the rented item is late.If equipment is 10 days or more late, the ORP may file criminal charged under Montana Statue 45-6-309. 
      9. The Outdoor Rec Program is not responsible for any damage to vehicles related to rental items being attached to the vehicle on or off Rec Sports/ORP premises.All rental items are loaded into or on to private vehicles at the vehicles owner’s own risk.