Please visit the Student Wellness Center Website for updated information on construction, photos, and project specific information, including a BRAND NEW climbing facility:

Overview of Climbing Wall:

  • Mission: Our goal is to make the climbing wall an inclusive and accessible beginner to intermediate climbing venue. 
  • Open Hours: The MSU Bouldering Wall is open anytime the North Dome Fitness Center is open (see closures below)
  • Difficulty: We set problems ranging from VB (beginner) - V7/8.
  • Setting Schedule & Wall Closures: A portion of the wall is reset every week. Join us on one of our midweek setting shifts to climb new problems and meet our setters! During these midweek setting shifts generally 1/3 of the wall is shut down to reset. 
    • Setting schedule for Fall 2023:
      • 6-7pm on Sundays (full wall closure)

      • Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30am (10/17 & 10/31)
      • Tuesdays, 3-5pm (10/24 & 11/7)
      • Thursdays, 3-5pm (11/9 & 11/16)
      • Fridays, 3-5pm (10/20 & 12/1) 

Climbing Wall Expectations: 

  • Stay out of climbers' fallzone
  • Closed toe shoes are required at all times
  • Do not climb above or below other climbers on wall
  • Do not climb above the No Climb Zone
  • No food or drink allowed on bouldering pad
  • Unsafe conditions and injuries must be reported to Campus Recreation Staff
  • Ask before giving climbing movement tips or "beta" to other climbers

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