Kim Obbink, Michael Fox, Kitty Saylor, Kristin Blackler, Emma Williams, Sarah Shannon, Carmen McSpadden, Mandy St. Aubyn, Suzi Taylor, Nick Johnson, Becky Mahurin, Christa Merzdorf, Julie Kipfer, Amy Stix, Cody Stone, Deborah Chiolero, MacKenzie DuBeau, Royce Smith


Call to order

Approval of minutes

Introductions - Welcome to new members and Boardroom Bobcats 

Review members and affiliation

Old Business

Kallie Decker – Report and feedback on her seed grant work

Review responses from seed grant survey (Suzi)

List of grants included

New Business

FY18 Plan of Work

Outreach Awards

New seed grants – on hold pending funding

Outreach & Engagement event

Carnegie classification for Community Engagement


Information Items

Dates to remember

Accreditation visit October 16-18

Next Meeting

October 26, 2017