Barnard Hall Rm 128, Conference Rm

  1. Introduce new members
    1. Julian Collins – representing the Office of the VP for Student Success
    2. Stephanie Gray, Dean of Gallatin College, representing Academic Council
    3. Jamie Cornish – representing ATO
    4. Rachel Schmidt – representing ASMSU
    5. Coryn Johnson – Boardroom Bobcat
    6. Jenn Raymond – Administrative support
  2. Overview of Fall Semester activity
    1. Excellence in Outreach Award – posted on Provost’s website – encourage nominations for faculty AND staff
      1. Deadline and review dates
    2. Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants – would like to post this early next week
  3. Possible Spring Semester activity
    1. Celebration of Outreach and Engagement (Carnegie announcement – fingers crossed)
    2. Discussion of metrics for future Carnegie application
    3. Report out at Council of Councils meeting
  4. Other
    1. Monthly meeting dates/times