Outreach and Engagement Council Agenda:  Tuesday, March 17, 2015

9 – 10:30 A.M

Reid 415

Kim Obbink, Michael Fox, Kitty Saylor, Cody Stone, Kregg Aytes, Carmen McSpadden, Jeanne Wilkinson, Carina Beck, Becky Mahurin, Suzi Taylor


Call to order

Approval of Minutes of February  meeting  (attached)

Kregg Aytes motioned for approval, Becky Mahurin seconded, minutes were approved. 

Information Items


Welcome new member ‐ Kitty Saylor, Chief of Staff, MSU Alumni Foundation

Old Business

APLU IEP designation – Stakeholder Focus Group – Becky Mahurin

Around 40 people; very pleased with participation

Had some good feedback including better job branding, more collaboration and an expanded presence for Gallatin College. Also very interested in getting graduates to stay in MT. 

Next step – getting draft together which will happen in the next 3 weeks. 

Will be getting submission from New Mexico in which they failed to receive designation.  b. APLU Magrath Award

Nobody has panned out to nominate. Some suggestions were made but nobody has confirmed. 

Do we want to continue to search for a nominee? 

Yes – we should reach out to a couple partners to see if we can find a willing nominee. 

Seed Funding Proposal status – minor revisions attached                                                

Planning Council – seeking input for priorities – are we prepared to present this as our priority – should there be others?

Would like to put forward to President. 

Council would like to get on her calendar to present this to her.  Next meeting we will work on a prioritized list to planning council. 

New Business

President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll  ‐ Application – Kathy Tanner

We received this last year. Kathy is working on this year’s application.  b. O&E Website 

Sarah will take over maintenance after training. 

What would you like to see linked? 

Current & past outreach winners. 


Carmen working on linking leadership and community non‐profits.  1. Working at getting students sitting on non‐profit boards. 

Will be piloting in the Fall. 

She will present full topic at a later meeting. 

Spring Career fair looking for vendors. 

Blackstone & COB is sponsoring Greg Justice who will be teaching students how to act during an interview using acting skills. 

Teach MT job fair. Only MT schools are invited. 

Astronomy & Aerospace day & Nanodays are upcoming. 

Next Meeting 

Tuesday, April 21st  

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.  Reid 415