Outreach and Engagement Council

Minutes:  Wednesday, May 13th, 2015


1:30 – 3:00 P.M

President’s Conference Room 

Kim Obbink, Michael Fox, Kitty Saylo,r Cody Stone, Kregg Aytes, Carmen McSpadden, Kathy Tanner, Betsy Webb, Carina Beck, Suzi Taylor, Jeanne Wilkinson, Chris Seifert-MT PBS, Cindy Wilson – Leadership Institute


Call to order

Approval of Minutes of April meeting

Did we approve minutes? 

New Business

Carmen McSpadden & Cindy Wilson Boardroom Bobcats 

Program that matches students with non-profits. Students sit on non-profit board for a year. 

Will be selecting non-profits in July for upcoming year. 

Trainings will happen throughout the year. 

Will expand beyond first year by adding non-profits & students, plus staff What can Outreach council do? 

Give blessing 

Endorse via the Outreach & Engagement name 

Potential future money 

Act as an advisor, or sounding board 

Announce stages of program 

President Cruzado – Engagement Seed Funding Proposal Program has been approved. 

Talk about next steps 

Will discuss criteria and metrics at next meeting.  


Provost representative – requested from Provost Potvin

Staff Senate – Denise Hoepfner (replaces Diane Dorgan)

University Communications – requested from Tracy Ellig

Professional Council – requested from Professional Council

VP for Administration – Betsy Webb reappointed through 2017

Student Representative – requested from Kaitlyn Wernik will contact new ASMSU President d. Summer Meetings June, July & August 

We will meet this summer – Sarah will send out location updates

Information Items

Broader Impacts Conference report – Suzi Taylor

Created from an NSF grant 

Broader impacts – what NSF uses as Outreach & Engagement

One very good speaker – possibility for Extension Conference – maybe partner. 

2 offices on campus looking for America Vista volunteer. 

Candidate needs to have graduated college 

Any recommendations, talk to Suzi

Web page update – ideas/comments/edits to Sarah Rieger

APLU IEP proposal submitted – congratulations and thanks to Becky Mahurin! d. Other?

Next Meeting 

Will meet over the summer – Next meeting, June 16th 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.