Outreach and Engagement Council

Notes:  Wednesday, June 16th, 2015 

9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. 

EPS 128  

Kim Obbink, Denise Hoepfner, Kitty Saylor, Kregg Aytes, Kathy Tanner, Betsy Webb, Becky Mahurin, Suzi Taylor, Les Craig (guest)  


Call to order

Approval of Minutes of May meeting

Becky Mahurin motioned; Betsy Webb seconded – minutes were approved. 

New Business

Blackstone Launchpad – Les Craig

Blackstone helps current and former students with counseling and advice to assist in start-up businesses. 

2500 students reached in AY 14-15

101 unique ventures received counseling 

Planning Council draft regarding priorities (attached)

Scholarship of engagement – we can assist with this section. 

Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants

Identify work to be done

Discussed timeline – need to define better. 

Discussion of criteria

Would like student involvement – extra points 

Integration – where does it fit in? 

Evaluation component 

Summary as part of commitment 

Partner piece – community partner and faculty/staff are working collaboratively. 

Private sector partner to be part of evaluation committee. 

Would like to have a partner roundtable. 

Ask for detailed budget 

Kim Obbink will research and bring examples to next meeting. More discussion will be needed. 

Spring Service Learning/Engagement Seminar

Annual service-learning conference that rotates between campuses 

MSU’s turn is spring 2016

Held in the spring, 1-2 days for faculty, staff & students Can this council help organize conference every 5 years? 

Council agreed 

Council would like to move towards engagement 

Poster sessions 

Use conference to educate campus 

Typical attendance anywhere from 25-150

Typical budget/fundraising need – about 25K 

Information Items

Update on membership – Kim O.

Kim introduced and welcomed Denise Hoepfner to the council. 

APLU IEP – Becky M.

No update 


Next Meeting 

July 21, 2015