Outreach and Engagement Council

Minutes:  Friday, April 22nd, 2016

9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

EPS 128

Kim Obbink Michael Fox Janelle Rasmussen                                        

Mandy St. Aubyn Betsy Webb Julie Kipfer

Christa Merzdorf                                                                                                                              

Call to order

Old Business

Service Learning – Mandy

Used to be service learning committee, defunct in 2013 from division of student success. Looking for a new home

Any suggestions please let Mandy know.

Kim met with Campus compact.

Reminded that we need an infrastructure set up for Carnegie application.

UM has a faculty lead, provost nominated committee that reports to the Provost.

Need a faculty lead service learning program for Carnegie application.

Magrath Award Nomination Update – Kim

We have submitted our application

Complete electronic process this year. Very smooth.

OEC Seed Grant Forum – Betsy

Set for Wednesday, Oct. 26th

Sub committee will continue to work on details.

New Business

Review and finalize 2nd round of O&E Seed Grant awards

Split into groups and discussed.

Information Items

Next Meeting

May 3rd, 2016