Outreach and Engagement Council

Minutes:  Thursday, September 21st, 2016

10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Barnard Hall (formerly EPS) 128

Kim Obbin, Denise Hoepfner, Michael Fox, Eric Lopez (guest), Royce Smith, Mandy St. Aubyn, Heather Griner, Carina Beck, Becky Mahurin, Christa Merzdorf, Cody Stone, Betsy Webb, Janelle Rasmussen


Call to order

Approval of minutes

Becky motioned for approval, Cody Seconded, minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Welcome new members and guests


Membership Update

Royce Smith is the new dean representative

Eric Lopez is the ACE fellow, he will be attending meetings as he can.

Excellence in Outreach Award – Deadline is 5 p.m. October 31, 2016

Get word out – due by Oct. 31st

We will get nominees on Nov. 1st, be ready to review.

Request from Ralph Johnson for seed funding out of cycle (see attached email)

A request from Ralph Johnson was discussed. More information was requested.

Update and discussion about Outreach Event – October 26

Action Items/Responsibilities for event Name

Coordinate with seed grant awardees

Talk with Julie K. about marketing and advertising

Information Items

Becky gave update on APLU IEP award – we submitted for talent and are a finalist. We will know next week if we are selected and it will be announced the 2nd week of November.

Office of Student Engagement is in a new space – SUB 222. Everyone was invited to open house.

Next Meeting

October 4th, 2016