Outreach and Engagement Council

Agenda:  Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

 9-10:30 a.m.

Barnard Hall (formerly EPS) 128

Kim Obbink, Denise Hoepfner, Michael Fox, Kitty Saylor, Geneva Zoltek, Royce Smith, Carmen McSpadden, Mandy St. Aubyn, Suzi Taylor, Carina Beck, Becky Mahurin, Christa Merzdorf, Julie Kipfer, Cody Stone, Betsy Webb, Janelle Rasmussen, Heather Griner


Call to order

Approval of minutes

Old Business

Update on Seed funds out of cycle

Kim talked with Kathy A. Seed grant funds have been exhausted for FY17 and she has no way of getting additional money out of cycle.

Out of cycle awards are tabled for now – in future the council might look at putting aside a pot of money for these circumstances.

Update on Service Learning

Mandy gave an update on service learning:

Service learning is now under the center for faculty excellence

Service learning advisory board is being created, looking for more people to be on the board.

They are working on SL course distinction and training on service learning.

The council wondered what students were thinking/saying.        

There is confusion among students about what it means.

Although they are not clear on definition, they are very passionate.

New Business

Celebrating O&E event details

President was called away expectantly – do we want to change date?

It was decided that we should move date when she could attend. More information will be sent via email on possible dates.

A discussion was had concerning naming the event.

Information Items

Congratulations to Carmen for winning the Athena award

Next Meeting

November 1st, 2016