Outreach and Engagement Council

Minutes:  Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

 9-10:30 a.m.

Barnard Hall (formerly EPS) 128

Kim Obbink ,Michael Fox, Kitty Saylor, Mandy St. Aubyn, Deborah Chiolero, Betsy Webb, Becky Mahurin, Christa Merzdorf


Call to order

Approval of minutes

Old Business

Debrief on O&E celebration event

Overall everyone was very pleased with the event

All projects were represented

Attendance was good, count was between 100-125

Suggestions for next year

Space out booths

Email/print out individual invitations for special invitees

Invite others in outreach – not just seed grant winners

1st round award winners need to submit final reports – Kim O. will follow up

New Business

RFP Round 3 for seed grants

Would like deadline before spring break March 10th

Will send out RFP in January

Kim & Sarah will update RFP and send out via email for approval.

Discussion – How to identify people doing engaged scholarship

Why do we want/need to know

Need it for upcoming Carnegie application

Good to know actual numbers when asked – right now it’s a guessing game

How can we identify?

Encourage faculty to report on activity insight

Possibly ask Chris F. to add box for engagement

There are products out there that would track both student and faculty engagement, however the university has been hesitant to purchase products.

Kim will invite Chris Fastnow to February meeting to see if there are other things we could do.

Information Items

Next Meeting

January meeting is cancelled - Next meeting will be February 7th, 2016