Call to order

Introductions – Welcome to new members and Boardroom Bobcats (see attached email from Carmen McSpadden)

We welcomed new members MacKenzie DuBeau, Amy Stix, Kristin Blackler, Nick Johnson, Emma Williams and our guest Kallie Decker.

Review members and affiliation

Terms are for 2 years with option to renew.

Possibly adding the community member appointment this year – be thinking about good people to ask.

Old Business

Kallie Decker – Report and feedback on her seed grant work

Decker received funding during the first round of seed grants

Working with her community partners (Montana Milestones) and her grad students Dr. Decker interviewed 30 families from all 7 Part C agencies around the state about what services they were receiving, what was good, what could be improved, and how they felt about the roles of family support specialists as well as other specialists.

With the data discovered from this small grant Dr. Decker was able to obtain several other small grants and has now received funding through Montana INBRE to continue her research.

Decker reported that the application process was very easy and smooth. She recommended that it would be helpful if the council could identify or help identify other funding opportunities to continue their work. Also, talking to community partners about how their University partner was doing.

Review responses from seed grant survey (Suzi)

Suzi reported that 4 out of 8 seed grants have replied.

Suzi will send out a full report to the group.

New Business

FY18 Plan of Work

Outreach Awards

Nominations are due Nov. 10th, recommendation due to the Provost office on Dec. 8th.

Depending on how many nominations we get we will decide on how we will review. More information to follow.

New seed grants – on hold pending funding

More information to come

Outreach & Engagement event

Carnegie classification for Community Engagement

3 year process

2018 – apply to apply

2019 – submit

2020 – make announcement

Need to identify writer – possible small sub groups.

More information to follow


Information Items

Dates to remember

Accreditation visit October 16-18

May want to visit with council. If so, council will be contacted early October. Invitation will be sent out if we are selected to visit.

Next Meeting

October 26th, 2017