Call to order

Introductions – Welcome to new member Mark Magee

We welcomed new member Mark Magee from Staff Senate.

New addition of Bob Hietala, Dean of Gallatin College and Maureen Moulchin, Administrative Assistant for ATO.

Review members, affiliation and terms with option to renew

Reflect on renewing and be thinking about good people to ask as Representatives from your units

Special Thanks to Dean Sarah Shannon as she completes her term on this council.

Old Business

Update on Carnegie Community Engagement application process – Mandy and others

Working group working on our reclassification as a Carnegie Community engaged campus. We received the classification in 2010, so currently working on being reclassified for 2020.

In the process of creating buy-in from Campus and that this is important. It is an elective classification compared to the research classification.

Went to various councils: Dean and Staff Senate. (overall enthusiastic support from Dean’s Council and Staff Senate) On the schedule for the Presidents Executive Council. Suggested to discuss at Communications Associates.

Had very informative conference call with a UM representative that went through this process in 2015. Was able to gather helpful feedback to assist us.

Assigned application to different areas to complete on timeline. – will submit in April will know by January of 2020.

Larger advisory group to be gathered in the fall, made up of representatives across campus as well as key partners like Western Transportation Institute to make sure this is as inclusive as possible.

Think of this process as one to help us move forward over all.

Meeting with Andrea was very helpful with insight and information. The Economic development section is being worked on collectively.

Small Carnegie group meets weekly, currently.

New Business

Review Strategic Plan draft language – Discussion with Tami Eitle and Megan Lasso

Areas of Distinction and Goals

Assessment and/or metrics – helping people understand there is a scholarship to Engagement and a process in planning.

Something to work on as a council would be to think about what types of metrics we could eventually utilize that move beyond outputs and move towards outcomes.

Tami/Megan to work on language and get back to us/

Cody’s meeting with Carina - Language 3.3 or the 3rd goal in engagement is: Foster a MSU culture of collaboration and engagement that values each member and improves the university for students, faculty and staff.


Increased number of collaborations between faculty, staff and students

Increased co-curricular and curricular units and collaboration between the two

Increased engagement of the community with the intellectual life and arts of the university

Increased level of employee satisfaction and retention

Improve the campus climate of inclusion

Where to find the current draft of language

Diversity inclusion plan (Tribal Nations and others)

Strategic planning has engaged a consulting group to aide

Julie to mention something to Chris Fastnow at the meeting in two weeks.

Timeline and Process for RFP for seed grants

$35,000.00 to give away

Past have been given out in $5,000.00 awards. We have asked people for a proposal that needed to include a student, a faculty representative and a community partner (external to MSU).

Seed grands are to be used as start up money or as next level money

Increase amount to $7,000.00 instead of $5,000.00

Kim will send out last RFP language and suggested timeline for review and email discussion before the next meeting

Information Items

Mo will work on schedules for meeting day/time for fall semester

Next Meeting

August 23, 2018